Shaving For The Crusade

video Shaving For The CrusadeThank you to everyone who helped our “shave-​​o-​​thon.” Sylvie shaved her head on video for the world to see. While she has donated her unused hair to Locks of Love, the purpose was to raise funds for Avon Foundation’s Breast Cancer Crusade.

We raised over $13,000 for breast cancer research and awareness!

While the event may be over, this doesn’t mean you should not get involved. Give generously to your breast cancer charity in support of breast cancer research, breast cancer awareness and breast cancer palliative care.

crusade logo Shaving For The CrusadeSylvie encourages you to give to your favorite charity, or to hers, the recipient of her event, which is the Avon Foundation’s Breast Cancer Crusade.

As a gift, generous donors of Sylvie’s shave-​​o-​​thon have their businesses showcased on this site and “rent Sylvie’s scalp” with a link to a website of their choice. Below is the video highlighting those top sponsors as well as the clickable “rent my scalp” at the end.

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