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Party at a Time Like This?

Bachelorette PartyToday was our pre-​​wedding party, our bache­lor and bache­lo­rette party. Most of the guests who will be at the wed­ding on Sun­day came early so they could be at the party. We chose to hold it at a bar, and not sepa­rate par­ties like most peo­ple have. Now, more than ever, we nee­ded to be together, espe­cially since this would be our first “public appea­rance” since the diag­no­sis, and we nee­ded each other’s strength.

As Michel and I got ready for the party, and we were choo­sing our out­fits (jeans and a cheesy Bride and Groom t-​​shirt, of course), it daw­ned on me that wea­ring a bra tonight was not going to hap­pen. Lately, it hurts to wear a bra for lon­ger than an hour or so. I care­fully chose an undershirt to wear under the t-​​shirt and hoped I would be able to keep smi­ling no mat­ter what.

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Cancer Can’t Bring Me Down Today!

Wedding DayThis has been the most ama­zingly beau­ti­ful day of my life, and the memo­ries we crea­ted today will last a lifetime!

We got married! Yip­pee! (If you haven’t seen it already, check out our wed­ding blog at Miche​lAndSyl​vie​.com)

I am in a state of abso­lute joy today. I couldn’t be hap­pier. After all, I got to marry my very best friend, a man I actually love han­ging out with. A man who ins­pi­res me and makes me laugh. Michel ama­zes me with his sharp inte­lli­gence and bri­lliant crea­ti­vity, and his abi­lity to see the good in everything and ever­yone cons­tantly floors me. I mean, he doesn’t have a mean bone in his body.

Simply put, we were meant to be together. He is my soulmate.

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Tests Are In, The Doctors Are Certain

MRI - Magnetic Resonance ImagingMon­day was the day that I was sche­du­led for breast MRI tests. This is one of many dif­fe­rent types of tests I will be under­going in the coming weeks, months, and pro­bably years.

Such a strange expe­rience, and not exactly what one might expect.

First, when the nurse was sche­du­ling me, she asked the weir­dest ques­tions, like “Have you ever had metal in your eye”. Metal in my eye? I tried des­pe­ra­tely to remem­ber any ins­tance in my childhood that might have resul­ted in me having any shards of metal that I may have for­got­ten. Appa­rently, this machine con­sists of such a power­ful mag­net that if I had ever had metal in my eye…well let’s just say it would have remo­ved itself during the MRI. Blecch!

So need­less to say, I was a bit ner­vous when the test began. I fer­vently hoped I hadn’t for­got­ten some lead pen­cil acci­dent or something. Stran­gely, I squinched my eyes clo­sed, hoping that if I had for­got­ten anything, I wouldn’t expe­rience anything awful (as if kee­ping my eyes clo­sed would actually help).

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Help Fund Free Mammograms

The Breast Cancer SiteI have a spe­cial request for all of you. You can help fund free mam­mo­grams for spe­cial needs women who can­not afford the high cost of mam­mo­grams in the US. The Breast Can­cer Site has a long run­ning pro­gram to help defray the costs of these mam­mo­grams, and it is com­ple­tely free to participate.

Please book­mark their site and click on the but­ton each day. It costs nothing to click and 100% of the spon­sor funds goes to where it can help the most.

Not ever­yone is as for­tu­nate as I was, and if we can help others with early detec­tion, it will help save lives. Click on the but­ton above to go to The​Breast​Can​cer​Site​.com and remem­ber to click every day.

Thank you!

Some Days Are More Challenging

Breast Cancer DepressionIt’s been a few days since I’ve pos­ted anything, pri­ma­rily because I haven’t been fee­ling as well as usual (gee, won­der why?).

I deba­ted sha­ring this publicly, and ulti­ma­tely deci­ded to go for it. See, this blog isn’t just about tal­king about how I stay hope­ful and posi­tive. It’s also my way of dea­ling with the cha­llen­ges of going through this event in my life, and if I am to be com­ple­tely hea­led, I need to also be com­ple­tely raw and honest about everything I’m experiencing.

So, I am taking a few moments to just “let it all hang out” and let the chips fall where they may.

The last few days have taken their toll on me, both phy­si­cally and men­tally. It’s been more dif­fi­cult than usual to main­tain my smile. It hasn’t been impos­si­ble, just more challenging.

There are two rea­sons for this.
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