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Side Effects Of Telling The World

Talk bubblesOn August 30th, Michel (a passionate copywriter) used his blog to tell the world about our condition. His post spoke eloquently and elegantly of what we are going through, at a time when I would not have been able to put this into words.

I have always admired his ability to write from the heart. It’s what makes him such an amazing copywriter, and it is one of the very first things I knew about him that made me fall in love with him.

I also knew that he needed to do this. He needed to express himself the one way he knew how. He needed to pour out his tears in words, and tears of my own fell while I read it. I’m certain many others cried when reading it as well.

And as the comments began to come in, I was utterly amazed at how many people were listening and cared about us.

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Life After The Mastectomy

NurseWell, now that I’m home and resting comfortably, I thought it would be a good time to fill in the blanks on how things went at the hospital.

I won’t lie and say that it was a fun experience. For anyone who needs to undergo any kind of surgery, there’s no such thing as a truly fun day at the hospital. However, I’ve never been the type of person to allow pain or difficulty to take over my life, nor do I wish to complicate the lives of others around me by whining and complaining.

So, I made a decision about how this day was going to be, and I refused to let anything interfere with my decision.

I decided to see how many times I could make people laugh while I was there, and I also decided I was not going to need to stay overnight at the hospital. These were the two things I chose to focus my attention on, as my way of dealing with my day.

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My Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Medical chart cancer diagnosisThe day we’ve been waiting for has finally arrived. On Sept. 20th, we had an appointment with the surgeon to go over the “autopsy” results. They did the pathology and biopsy on the removed breast tissue and Wednesday, they delivered the results in a neatly typed 8 x 10 envelope.

Honestly, we were hoping for better results. Up until this point, we had no idea whether or not the cancer had invaded my lymph nodes, and we were praying that it hadn’t and that it had been caught in time. We weren’t really prepared for any other news.

So, the reality of how far this cancer had gone really hit us rather hard. We’re still reeling from it.

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Halfway Done And I Hit A Snag

Cold and FluWell, it’s hard to imagine, but I’m already halfway done with my chemotherapy treatments (yippee!). And there’s something I’ve learned along the way…

It gets tougher as the treatments progress.

I don’t know if it is like this for other chemo patients, but I have found that with each treatment, I get more and more tired and feel more dragged out. Napping is becoming less of a luxury and more of a necessity each time I have a treatment.

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Drugs, Fuzziness And Tattoos

Ring my bellChemo is finally over. Woot!

No more boring, six-hour-long days spent in the chemo ward… no more burning arms from intravenous chemicals coursing through my veins… no more mouth sores, numb toes and red eyes caused by those few remaining eyelashes accidentally falling into my eye socket.

And, best of all, no more fuzziness caused by that all-too common side-effect: chemo brain.

I’ve had eight chemo sessions in all. It’s been a really tough five months, not so much with the chemo itself but with its after-effects, ranging from complete exhaustion to complete hairloss. My failed attempts to retain whatever strands of hair I have left on my body seem like a constant, losing battle.

Thankfully, we’re done. And the hair will start growing back in. (Michel, my wonderful husband, seems to have noticed a peach-fuzz-like growth on my scalp the other day. Ah, I knew I loved him for a reason!)

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